A downloadable game for Windows

Genre: Platformer/Resource manager


Our game is about an engineer lost in underground factory. He lost his mind and found a machine that should help him figure how to get out of this place.

Player start the game as a mech pilot. To move around he need to control the mech manually.

We wanted to make mech comment player actions all over the way, but we was too busy with other stuff :D

So you can hear her only at the start of the game.

For now game contain 2 completed levels.  To pass them you need to carefully distribute power, find a few mech parts and reach the exit.

Exit is trigger! Just wait for a few seconds after walking on it please XD

If player run out of power or hp - he loose.

Some introductions of mechanics have not been done so you can check the controls in the upper-left corner of the screen.


S - toggle moving
D - toggle direction
A - hold & release to jump
Space - single click to switch to the next jump direction while holding “A”
You can switch between 4 jump directions!
Z - toggle shooting
F/R - move rifle
X - toggle drill
C - switch drill direction

Install instructions

1. Download archive "ManualMech_v1.2.rar"

2, Unarchive "ManualMech_v1.2.rar"

3. Launch ManualMech_v1.2.exe


ManualMech_v1.2.rar 13 MB


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Game is quite interesting. Something new and extraordinary. It's a little bit hard to get used for controls but it adds some atmospere. Wish developers well, hope they'll work on the game and make it rly great

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Thank you for your feedback! :)

If you are interested you can subscribe to my twitter - https://twitter.com/Mikeliosus

I'll announce soon if we will develop this idea into a production project.